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Set your goals high, and don't stop till you get there.

At 56Bit, we strive to make your business a success. We’ll guide you towards having the best money can buy and deliver against your budget with the best solutions available.

Our Services

Fully Responsive

Using automated scaling, our systems are built to cater for high-demand traffic, minimizing impact on the system.

Tons of Options

We offer a multitude of options to fit your needs and will always find the best way to implement a state of the art system against your requirements.

Fast as light

With our modernized and continuously improved delivery, we strive to create best-practice solutions whilst always delivering ahead of deadlines.

Easy to Customize

Our systems are modular, simple and efficient. We make sure to custom fit all your requirements to be as future proof as possible. Divide and conquer, analyse and build.

Like What You See? We’re Just Getting Started


Simple, Fast, and Robust services are key for us at 56Bit.

Infrastructure as Code

We build all infrastructure components one line of code at a time, ensuring highly flexible environments.

High Availability

Building highly available systems is our speciality. Make sure to have your system ready.

Disaster Recovery

Our robust solutions promise availability. Ensuring high uptime is key to your business' success.

Time to Market

With our state of the art infrastructure models, we’ll deliver your platforms from Dev to Production in weeks. Going LIVE in a couple of weeks has never been easier.

Auto Healing

Make sure your system recovers after a system failure. Custom build the system to recover when unexpected errors crop up.


Hosting securely protected systems is paramount. Our systems are delivered with rudimental protective services, out of the box. Want to secure further? We can offer more granular enhancements to your systems.


Enabling developers to deliver and deploy has never been easier. We strive to facilitate and ease developers’ tasks to deploy their code on LIVE systems.

Industry Standards

Best practices and industry standard methodologies are of prime importance to ensure quality and peace of mind when building our systems.

Maintenance & Support

We got you covered. Make sure to get one of our plans to maintain your platform in tip-top condition and have one of our engineers on standby.





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About Our Company

A team of young, driven cloud experts with fresh modern ideas, fast to deliver, and adopting industry-grade best practice Infrastructure as Code (IaC) solutions. We like to keep things simple, so we’ve decided to set-up an easy to follow infographic to describe our company.

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We are based on the sunny island of Malta